Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

You will feel totally different after going through this post. This contains my experience and idea which I learned from the casinos. I was not so enough strong from pocket but very in the experience of applying tricks and strategy. During college life I did the job of game boy in the casinos for my pocket money which gave me much knowledge about the world of pokies. After returning back to my home I really miss that entire one so I went for the play of that one through online.

The game which I generally go for is the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure which is really full of adventure. I downloaded the full app in my android mobile with the quality of Blu-ray. The title of this one is taken from hit movie of box office which was a comedy one. After the hit of the movie it was also followed in the world of cartoon and video games too and of course gambling too. You can watch the trailer and even the full movie through YouTube also.This one have been put in the category of most famous with five reels and enormous number of paylines and gives the facility of betting maximum of $2 each line.

The basic thing which you will have to do is to make the matching of at least three in the active slots and the symbols which are used in this one is very much familiar with the movie such as Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln who will give you the smaller reward. The giant win can be achieved by the wild symbol which is the animated character of the film Wyld Stallyns who is the head of the band holding the guitar. You will really enjoy the music of this one and you will feel as if you making party in the horror night with something hard to drink. I was overwhelmed by the fun of this one.

Finding Some Adventure in Totem Treasure

We watched many movie and serial in which the actors goes for an adventurous trip in a jungle where they found some antique thing in which they found a very old map which is of a hidden treasure. And after finding it they started searching for that treasure by solving many clues and puzzles. I just loved that adventurous trip and always wanted to see myself on that trip. I watched many movies in which National Treasure series are my favorite. I read many novels on the theme of treasure search. I dreamt of as such adventure in my life but this is also a reality that these stories are only work of fiction and it is not possible in real life where we got all such things in our life. So, I fulfilled my all these curiosity by reading novels and watching novels.

One day I was searching for some new movies over the internet. In those search results, many links are those which I visited previously. I started searching by using different keywords because we can get filtered results by searching smartly over the google. In those results, I got a link which was not according to my desired result. That was on a casino website which was not, far related to what I was searching so it amused me for this. That was a link of a game named as Totem Treasure in which you have to crack the code in the form of reels and you can win lots of cash in this. I never played slots in my whole life so I was new for it. So, I decided to try it and have some adventure with it. I searched for the free play option which was available on the site, but there was also a registration key provided to me after which I can get some more advantage that you will get free coins for playing.

I did my registration and after that read the slots review given by the players who played previously. They are positive so I find no issue in playing it. The rules are not so much full of mash they are easy. I played it and it was not less than a treasure hunt. I enjoyed my time which I spend on it while playing. I found a link for downloading the apk file for playing further on my cell phone. I installed it on my phone and now as I got some free time I started playing it.

The real joy of Carnaval

Did I tell you that last year I was in Brazil during the festive season of the native place? I was surprised to see the curiosity of the people to celebrate it and was lucky enough that I attended it too. Besides my work I usually use to visit the casinos because I like to do betting. During the festive season it was very difficult to visit so I went for the online pokies. There was large number of suggestions but I went for carnaval which shows the festive mood of the play. This was more popular in many countries like Italy, Australia and many more. I am sure that if you go for it you will feel as if you are on some cruise and sailing.

This is featured with 5 reels and 9 paylines which give you much chance to win. This one is the better platform for them who really want to start their voyage with the betting world and for the experienced one it would be the best one to learn from it. After getting the read of the review it did not took me time to make the download of the full app. The wild symbol of this one is the logo of the entitled one only which you can hit after making the right combination in the active slots which will give you many prizes.

You will love the theme and the graphics as it has been designed in such a way that it will attract you. When I was on the vacation to America where I visited a casino which was looking like any museum and many cartoons of animals were placed which was in glass box. The world of pokies also uses many title of the movie which becomes much popular and block buster. The returning gifts of the betting is really the awesome one and in this one you will get the chance to win even some real capital too which will attract you to visit again and again.

Sporty atmosphere of Bulls Eye

Last year I was in Spain to attend the meeting as the representative of my company. Besides meeting I did a lot of fun and was lucky that during that time there was festival in Spain. There were many advertise and posters which was related to the fight. The fantastic thing which I liked there was the fighting of the bull. As I am very much fond of gambling and after seeing the fight I was very curious to get any game related to that. I made the search through online and found some of the suggestion. Due to low option it does took any time for me to make the decision and started playing Bulls Eye.

While going through the game you will be getting many targets of hitting the symbols and the thing which you will have to do is to hit the icon which will earn you some points. There are many symbols which are depicted over the screen such as candy, bars and many more. It is the featured union of bonuses, wild and scattered symbols with the facility of multiplier too. You will be getting a diagram of the tricks and strategy which auto appears on the screen.

The world of pokies helped me a lot when I was in Kenya, thanks to this video slot which did not make me to feel me bored. After having my food at night I use to visit the play which was really the best experience of my life. The graphics of this one is very different from many others which I have ever played. Theme of this is very sporty one with the bonus round with the symbols of bars, cherries and many more whose combinations will make you happy by the rewards. While going through you will get the opportunity of getting some real cash too. According to me you should do betting and all just for fun rather than keeping in mind of making money.

Break Away

There are many real games which are used as the name of the casino game. I was watching a movie which based on the adventure of play which was really awesome one. It is in my habit that if anything which I like, I just go the search of related thing through online pokies. I did the same and found many suggestions but I went for the play of Break Away which is one of the best one which I had ever before and themed on ice hockey. It is comprised by five reels and 243 ways of winning which is designed and developed by microgaming. If you make the combination of the symbols from left to right it will be appearing on the screen and you can try it for getting prizes.

Ice hockey is very much famous in Australia, may be this would be the reason of designing it, making to promote it as much as possible and providing the adventures to the users. After releasing of this one it had become the most popular among the Australian bettors. The graphics and interface is designed in such a way that you will the feel as you in the stadium of ice hockey and cheering your team. By this feature only I made the download of this app. The sound quality is refreshing one with some lyrics which is also the good one. If you make the full tour with this one you will get the album of this musical group.

There are many animated icons which are depicted over the screen such as the bands used by the players, hockey, helmets, and many more whose combination in the active slots will lead you to win. The biggest win can be achieved by hitting the wild symbol which can be treated as hulk in the lines. Overall, you will enjoy the tour of this one if you really want to travel with some prizes and gifts which may contain some of the real cash too.